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Dance Classes

We offer a variety of classes from beginner to advanced.  Our focus is on good technique and form that are the essential foundation for every dancer. Bad habits are hard to break. We have small classes with experienced teachers so that each student gets individual attention.

Students will be placed in classes that are appropriate for their age, experience and technique.  As with any activity, the more you practice, the better you get, so it is highly recommended that any dancer take at least two core classes.  We all work toward the recital in June where students get to showcase their talents.

We also have a young competitive dance team.  If you are interested, let us know and we can arrange an audition.
Beginning students learn elementary positions and movements such as plié, passé and chassé, as well as body alignment and small combinations. As students progress, they move on to building strength and gracefulness. More advanced classes include barre work and increasingly challenging turns and leaps such as fouetté turns and grand jetes.  Combinations become more complex and faster.
Little Ballerinas
We offer a combo ballet and tap class for children ages 3 to 5.  The first half of the class is ballet and the second half is tap. The class introduces children to basic concepts of dance and movement.  Students learn basic steps and terminology and explore fundamental movement concepts through games and imagery appropriate to their age level.

While still disciplined, jazz class focuses more on expression and the flow of one movement to the other.  The class starts with warm-ups focusing on flexibility, strength and isolations.   The rest of each class combines floor work with high energy turns, kicks and leaps to create challenging dance combinations.
In the beginning, students focus on basic tap steps and the development of rhythm and sound coordination.  More advanced classes go beyond basics and focus on more intricate footwork such as cramp rolls, drawbacks and turns.  Student also start putting together more challenging combinations of steps.
This class combines the technical elements of ballet with the expressiveness of jazz and the interpretation of modern dance. The songs chosen usually express strong emotions. Lyrical dance focuses on fluid moves, high leaps and graceful turns while maintaining proper body alignment. It is a fun, emotional and expressive form of dance.
Acro dance combines dance technique with acrobatic elements. Students learn acrobatic stunts, contortions, dance technique and partnering.  Students will develop flexibility, strength and stamina.  Students learn routines with unique choreography that is reminiscent of musical theater productions or Cirque du Soleil.
This class combines popular music video moves and street dance styles with basic dance steps  to allow students creativity and self-expression in dance.  The focus is on turning the rhythm of the song into unique and unconventional movements.  The atmosphere is more relaxed and the focus is on a more individual expression of movement.
This class starts with the basics of breakdance, including the six-step, freezes, footwork and spins. As students progress they learn more advanced moves such as drops, flips and spins. If you want to learn how to do the Forearm Freeze, Toprock and a Headspin, check out this class!
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