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Performance Company

We have a Performance Company made up of students who want to take their dance and gymnastics to the next level.  They are our most hard-working and talented students who are willing to put in the time and effort to improve their skills. Not only do they work hard, the goal of the group is to perform and compete. Company members participate in dance competitions and community service events throughout the season. 

Being a member of Company is more than just being in a class.  Our instructors take members of Company on trips to see dance performances in New York City and to other fun places.  The members of Company develop a special bond and a sense of trust which makes Company feel like family.

Company members must take a combined series of challenging classes designed specifically for company members.  Eligible candidates include anyone with a positive attitude who is energetic and committed and has a passion for performing. If you are interested in becoming part of Company, call for an audition today.

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