Our Team

Meet our talented team of instructors at DPG. Each teacher has over 12 years of experience teaching dance, gymnastics and/or fitness to children and are eager to share their experience and passion with your motivated and talented children.


Andrea Morton

Artistic Director

Miss Andrea is an experienced and professional Dance Instructor as well as a Choreographer.  She has been with the school since 2013, becoming the Director in 2018.  In addition to teaching dance, she has also choreographed music videos and prepared dancers for their auditions.


Alexa Rennie

Assistant Artistic Director

Alexa Rennie is our Advanced Gymnastics Instructor and one of our most loved team members, well respected by our team and students alike. She has been teaching gymnastics for over 12 years.  Her passion for gymnastics and teaching children to feel confident is a true inspiration.

dance instructor

Davin McLeod

Soca and Fitness Instructor

Davin has been studying Caribbean Carnival culture from past to present for the last 14 years, especially as it relates to dance.  He teaches soca for both kids and adults.  He also teaches fitness and martial arts.

dance and gymnastics instructors


Junior Instructors

Most of our Junior Instructors are former/current students that are training side by side with Dancing Plus Gymnastics Instructors.  The Juniors Instructors are working on building their skills so that they can eventually conduct their own classes.